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Ginger & Lemon Meet & Marry

What happens when you marry lemon and ginger? A LOT. Between the benefits, the flavor and the soothing properties there is SO much you get out of this marriage!

Italian Ginger

While at first you might not think of Italy & Ginger in the same sentence, Italy has now “rooted” themselves as one of the forefront producers of ginger and ginger infused/flavored foods. Known for its historical medicinal purposes and commonly used as a spice in ancient times, Ginger is still praised today as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea marvel. Italians don’t take too much too serious but their food and agricultural productions are where they really do concentrate on natural and high end cultivation & production. So much so that Italian ginger is grown to the specifications according to the “Ginger Consortium”.

Grown mostly in the regions of Central and Southern Italy, Italians have now asserted themselves as true Ginger consumers and have implemented Ginger in their distilled drinks, foods and even in candy form.

According to an article speaking on the overview of the Global Ginger Market, Italian Ginger has a specific style and look and is also hearty and this year in full production since all it truly requires is good soil and moderate temperatures. Even still, Ginger produced in Italy is mainly sold domestically and is very rarely known as an imported commodity although keeping with this trend it wouldn’t be too surprising to be asking specifically for Italian Ginger here in the States perhaps in the near future.

Italian Lemons

As for Lemons, Italy has been recorded since 1646 as prominent cultivators and traders of these sun kissed fruits.

The lemon was of great economic importance off the shores of what we now know as the Amalfi Coast and the first traded lemons were for medicinal purposes with hope to prevent certain illnesses contracted on the long boat voyages between ports and tradesmen.

Today still the Lemon is just as important to Italy and their economy and also protected by a Consortium specifically for lemons produced in the Amalfi Coast that need to follow the “traditional rules of production”. Lemons, known for their effects of antioxidant and detoxifying super powers are also a great source of Vitamin C and furthermore used now in skin care lines and lotions/soaps.  When in Italy next be sure to visit & tour a Lemon orchard that will surely leave you impressed with the effort and care that goes into producing each and every perfect Italian Lemon.

And then they become one

So what happens when you take perfectly crafted Ginger and Sensational sun pecked lemon and marry the two? Well they combine to create a magnificent pop of zest and flavor that together allow us to taste a sensationalized burst of flavor. Here are some of our favorite ginger/lemon combinations. The TEA is a nightly must for me!

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