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Chef Mamma B is the resident chef here at The Best Of Italian, of course, that’s only when she isn’t jet setting around the world, feeding her sourdough starters, gardening and making basil salt (a MUST try at your next seafood grigliata or catering large dinners for a community that now knows her as Mamma B as she is everyone’s go to Italian Mamma.

Just so happens that I am lucky enough to ACTUALLY call her Mom and her story is fascinating, intriguing, unbelievable and majestical all in one…We will get to that (we might be working on a cookbook after a LOT of customers asking!) 

Bianca DeMasi (known as Mamma B), has a lot of experience under that apron! Born in Calabria, Italy, she learned the trade of cooking and as she made her move to America she transferred that passion to her first restaurant. The success of Nico’s Pizza & Pasta led her to move into the fine dining realm for almost 10 years at her second restaurant Sagi Cucina Italiana. There we were all able to create lifelong memories and friendships that were cultivated through the love we all had for Mamma B and her cuisine. 

Any visit to mom’s house brings back a sea of memories and nostalgia of growing up in Italy. She still cooks in her 100 year old stove, uses sourdough starter  that is over 100 years old from Italy, simmers sauce in her ceramic pots she had made in Italy for the restaurants and uses ingredients directly from her garden. To eat a meal prepared by Mamma B is to experience Italy as best one can in the US!

As if that weren’t enough talent, my mom also knits, makes lavender bath salts (from home grown lavender of course) , is an amazing interior designer, crafter and much much more! She is such a renaissance woman who I look forward to sharing her knowledge with you while I also try and learn some of her talents. Look for her cooking videos on our YOUTUBE channel and her recipes in our Recipes section!