Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Perhaps the easiest yet most sophisticated dessert that anyone can make is a chocolate covered strawberry. How complicated or simple you make them is up to you and there are a lot of different ways to make chocolate covered strawberries!

My favorite dessert is a good dark chocolate covered strawberry. The bite of the bitter chocolate melded with the sweet of the strawberry is just taste bud perfection. The trick to making the best chocolate covered strawberries is to get really good quality melting chocolate and ripe yet firm strawberries.

Pro tip: Poke your strawberries with a long skewer before you dip them so that they can be coated evenly without the mess.

We recommend wiping the strawberry before dipping into the chocolate. If you do wash the strawberries it is important to let them dry completely. The best thing about this dessert? They are FUN to make. In fact, every Valentine’s Day, my favorite thing to do is make chocolate covered strawberries with my children. Their favorite part is the sprinkles and licking the chocolate off the spoon, of course!

Here is the recipe I follow when making chocolate covered strawberries. If you make them please share how they came out and any other tricks you use to make yours! For more recipes visit us at our site The Best Of Italian.

Fragole Al Cioccolato

Recipe by Bianca DeMasiCourse: Dessert, SnackDifficulty: Easy


  • *Extra Dark Chocolate Cooking Bar/Melts

  • *Long Stem Strawberries or fruit of choice 

  • *Vegetable shortening 

  • Optional
  • *Sprinkles 
    *Candy Melts


  • Towel off your strawberries *Do not wash*
  • Chop up your Baratti & Milano Cooking Bar
  • Add chopped chocolate to a microwave safe bowl (or use Bain Marie method if you prefer) and a ½ tsp of vegetable shortening to keep chocolate soft and malleable
  • Melt Chocolate at 30 second increments
  • Take strawberries and pull back the stem and dip into chocolate while turning slowly to coat entire fruit
  • Place on a lightly greased parchment paper
  • Let harden and serve slightly chilled 
  • Decorate your strawberries with nuts, sprinkles or a different color chocolate drizzle!

Recipe Video

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