Picture of me and the family posing for a quick photo in the town of Chianaralea in Calabria, Italy

Ciao Belli!

Hello my beautiful Italian enthusiasts!

Welcome to “The Best Of Italian”!

Ok so what is “The Best of Italian?”

It’s a landing spot for the love of all things Italian.

A quick little snippet, I was born and raised in Calabria, Italy. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s the tip of the boot and the “last” province on the “main” land before you grab a boat to Sicily (or a yacht, really whatever floats your boat:)

A picture of an Italian map highlighting the Calabrian Region

From a rural Italian farm town girl being dropped off at school in what would nowadays be considered a toy car here in the States (see below), to now living in CT with my pilot husband (ciao amore!) and two adoringly cute, funny, smart and sometimes a little crazy, young children, I have a multitude of experiences in both the Italian and the American cultures and want to share those experiences, loves, and joys with you, the Italian enthusiast.  

Imagine the car above padded with hay and me having to crawl out of the back seat and move Margherita the goat aside just to make it to class on time. This was just a taste of what life was like growing up in Southern Italy!

My passion is to not only to share the beauty of Italy (with some intertwining of memories both old and new), but to also share with a community of Italian enthusiasts all that Italy has to offer.

The goal is all things Italian and not JUST in Italy but wherever you might find yourself in the world, we can travel those spots together and find the best pasta, espresso spot, fashion, lotion, honey… you name it! If it’s 100% Italian made then it will find a home to live here, on our site, to share.

Take a minute, grab un caffe’ and read along as I weave in and out of an Italian-American military traveling wife’s life long dream of sharing the beauty of Italy with YOU.